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New and LOVE Mail!

I love to send and get packages and letters! Tell me/send me anything you wnat, I will do the same! I love seeing my name on something that does not have a bill enclosed! I also like to trade journals, altered books, art, photos, postcards...almost anything! I am 26, live in Ohio, very creative and playful and RELIABLE!!! I will write/send back EVERY TIME!! Please do not contact me if you want me to write first and then have a habit of not writing back!

Beth Van Tilburg

E-mail addy: (if you send me something be SURE to put LJ community in the subject or it may get tossed into the junk mail area!)

August 26, 1976

What kind of snacks, foods, & candies do you like?
Anything Chocolate!!! Gummies, Fruity things, Hard candies of all sorts, but no mint! (I like it, it doesn't like me...)

What do you like to do?
Live and Love! I draw, collage, painting (acrylic mostly), photography, belly dancing, journaling, shopping, reading, writing, making jewelry

Do you collect anything?
Anything Audrey Hepburn, gel pens, stationery, stamps, stickers, owls, cats, turtles, sparklies, pens and pencils that are cool, funky socks (toe socks are the BEST!), shoes, antique books, ephemera

What are your favorite colors?
Blue, silver, and purple, in that order

What are your favorite scents?
nothing poofy or perfuming. Natural scents...vanilla, fruits, earthy tones.

What's your favorite music?
STING!!! Celtic, pop, 80's, stry-tellers, really, I listen to anything but country and rap (with the exception of Wil Smith).

How long is your hair?
Blond and just past my shoulders.

What size shirts do you wear?
Small, sometimes medium

Top five favorite stores?
Antique stores are number one...Spencer's Gifts, Claire's, Williams & Sonoma, Pat Catan's, any bookstore.

Any piercings/jewelry?
Ears are peirced, twice each, left nipple (12 gauge), I have four rings and 2 necklaces I ALWAYS wear. (If you want to know, I'll detail them and their meaning to me)

What are your favorite accessories?
SHOES! Followed by earrings and rings.

What are your favorite movies?
Anything Audrey Hepburn, classic Hitchcocks (Marnie is a fave), Princess Bride, Heathers, Breakfast Club (Why don't I own that yet??) and anything classic.

What are your favorite TV shows?
Murder She Wrote, M*A*S*H*, CSI, Friends, Smallville.

Who are your favorite authors?
Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Les Roberts, Douglas Adams, Tolkein, Tad Williams, Robert Jordon (just to start!)

Gold or Silver?
Silver, unless it's white gold

Additional Comments:
Ask me anything you want! Hope to get trading with someone real soon!
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