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I am a 23 year old -girl?- who lives in Maine. I have a CD burner so I can add cd's to my packages... Ive got lots of great music.. mostly emo and older stuff like david bowie, stevie wonder, etc.

I usually send candy, jewlery, stickers, little stuff like that. If anyone is interested in something bigger then we will have to talk about it... i make jewlery boxes and magnets and all kinds of stuff, usualy with lots of stars and glitter or dragonflies... whatever you like.

I paint using acryllics and if anyone has any requests for a package let me know!!!!!! I love getting mail!

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I love getting mail, too! :)

email me or im me on aim?
AIM: PinkGlitterRox16

I like getting stuff in the mail... like surprizes and stuff!