fashionista19 (fashionista19) wrote in package_aholics,

Hey from the UK!!

Hi, I'm new to the group n lookin for a package sendin fanatic like myself!
I'm 19 and from the UK, but spend quite a lot of my year in NYC. I'm a bit of a fassssshionista sista ... love japanese street fashion, general street fashion, fashion fashion and um fashion.
If your package pal likes cutesy bitsies from japan then check out for candy etc and cute hello kitty et al things.
I work as a graffiti artist, love design, breakdance, dj hip hop and dnb, collect vinyl, love hello kitty and hamtaro hamster, love redecorating my bedroom, interior design, travel, pink and baby blue, some punk music, skateboarding - my board goes almost everywhere except the bathroom with me. Love chihuahuas and toy dogs, in fact any dogs, have a pet python, love cities at night, make-up, candy, marshmallow fluff, making people smile, action figures, sneakers etc etc

Anyhow I'm the type of gal who always writes back - so feel free to email me, tell me bout yo'self hehe and we can exchange postal addresses.

Love and Cupcakes
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